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Why Using Top-Shelf Material Will Save You Money In the Long Run

One of the main decisions when getting a paint job done is choosing what material to use. Often times homeowners are not aware of the difference between materials and will go with the cheapest option because the labels will tell you that it is the exact same material as more expensive brands although this couldn't be further from the truth. For example it is always better to buy your primer and paint separate as the paint/primer in one materials will always fail significantly quicker than doing a coat of primer followed by paint, for the most part the paint/primer in one materials are just a gimmick and no professional painters would ever be caught using these types of material (no good ones anyways). When painting an exterior especially in the Albuquerque sun that we are all too familiar with it is best to go with the most durable product you can find. Our recommendation for an exterior at Busby Finishes is always either Emerald by Sherwin Williams or Aura by Benjamin Moore. If you are on more of a budget at the moment it is okay to go with Duration by Sherwin Williams which is one step down from Emerald but is still durable enough for a good long lasting paint job. If you have decided to paint stucco then the best material to go with is Sherlastic by Sherwin Williams which is an elastomeric paint that if applied correctly can last you for up to 20 years without needing a paint job. By contrast if you were to use lower grade paint for the jobs listed above then the paint job will fail much quicker than the top-shelf materials, then requiring you to pay for a new paint job much sooner than should be necessary. This is how buying top-shelf materials will save you money by providing better coverage so you don't have to use as much material and by being more durable and thus having a much longer lasting paint job. As for interiors the same concept applies, if you use materials such as Regal select, or Aura by Benjamin Moore, Duration, and Emerald designer line by Sherwin Williams you will have much less problems in coverage and ability to be washed after curing than you would when using cheaper grades of paint. If you are looking for the absolute best of the best then you would want to use Emerald designer line or Aura these both have the most exceptional flow, coverage, and final appearance of any brand of paint available on the market and trust us we have tried them all! Although paint is extremely important to a job well done as far as paint is concerned it is not the be all end all with a good paint job. For example there are several different grades of caulking there are 45 years and 55 years caulking although the absolute peak as far as caulking is concerned is a brand known as Big Stretch Caulking this is because it is not just a lifetime caulking but it will never crack out like other caulking does it just stretches with any movement or weathering which is exceptional. Of course this stuff does run more expensive than the standard caulk although if you take into consideration that you will never have to caulk it again it is well worth it's cost. Some honorable mentions in this article are Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo for any trim, doors, or cabinets, Sikkens for any stain work, and Gemini for any lacquer finish. In conclusion you can't go wrong with any of the materials listed and not only will they look better than other brands but they will save you potentially thousands of dollars in additional coats of material, and future paint jobs.

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