What Makes Busby Finishes Different From Other Painting Companies In The Santa Fe/Albuquerque Area?

To begin with and as mentioned before one of the owners will always be consecutively checking on the progress of the work to ensure everything is being done to ours and your standards. In addition to this the owners are not people who simply bid on the jobs and hires workers that have experience in that area of painting. The owner Cari Busby has been in the painting industry for decades and understands the craft very well. We ensure that our employees understand every detail of a job they are doing before allowing them to begin. How we do this is in two different ways, first before hire we test the knowledge of the employee by asking randomized painting questions. Second the potential hire will be put through a month long probation period of sorts where the quality and knowledge of the individual will be extensively monitored to ensure the person is right for the job. Beyond this we go to our materials all of which have a limited-lifetime warranty. Of course should the customer have a personal preference for a painting material we will not object to working with the material of choice. In addition Busby Finishes offers several different discounts on our quotes these include but aren't limited to veterans discount, active duty military discount, seniors discount, public server discount all of these give 10% off a quoted price, we even offer 5% discounts on certain methods of payment these being 5% for crypto, and cash payments. If you qualify for any of the above listed discounts give us a call and we'll work out just how much we can save you on your home painting project. If you stuck around this long in the essay I'll let you in on our best selling point this is our two year warranty on painting work. This means that should you use the materials Busby Finishes recommends, should anything go wrong in the first two years upon job completion it will be fixed 100% free of charge. Please note the warranty is extended by 8 months for all veterans and active duty military. While not a unique aspect of our painting company I think it is worth mentioning that we offer free estimates on all jobs that we bid on. Another reason that Busby Finishes has a perfect rating across the board is that we are a full service painting company, we have vast experience in specialty painting such as faux finishes, cabinet painting, epoxy floors, furniture refinishing, and variance finishes. Lastly is that we always put the needs of our customers first, we don't get paid just when the job is finished but when the customer is completely satisfied with the work, and even if you choose not to use the materials that we recommend should you notice anything that was missed after the job is done we will have it fixed ASAP. So give us a call today and we'll see what we can do for your home improvement project.

Summary Of Why Busby Finishes Is The Right Painting Company For You

  • Over 25 Years Experience In The Painting Industry

  • Vigorous Hiring Process to Ensure Only Painters Who Understand The Trade Are Allowed to Work For You

  • Unless Otherwise Specified Only Top-Shelf Painting Materials Are Used (i.e. Sherwin Williams Duration, Big Stretch Caulking etc.)

  • Two Year Warranty On Painting Work

  • Several Different Discounts Available

  • Perfect 5-Star Rating Across All Reviews Found Online

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Free Painting Estimates

  • Lastly A Painting Crew That Has Worked And Lived In The Santa Fe/Albuquerque Area There Whole Lives And Understand The Unique Styles And Needs Of All Northern New Mexicans

Before/After Pics Of Busby Finishes Painting Work


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