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    Busby-Finishes offers a vast array of painting services to best suite your particular needs. We work with every type of building and every type of material. Stucco, wood, brick, metal, for business's, home's, and more. It is extremely important for you to find the right company to paint your business or home. As every home or business owner knows a good paint job can drastically affect resale value of a home or a customers perception of your business. Busby-Finishes is right for the job not just because our 25 years of experience, but because we treat each project as if it were our own. Please feel free to look through the services we offer here, and past work we've done, or call to get a better description of the work we do. 




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     Selling your home? Just moving in? Or do you just want to liven things up with a fresh coat of paint? Whatever the case is our crew of professional painters are always available to you at the drop of a hat, we ensure all our painters are profoundly experienced in all aspects of the painting industry, and are fast/friendly people you won't mind having in your home or business. Busby Finishes is a full service painting company which means we can accomplish all steps of a painting job from beginning to end, interior or exterior. To go into more detail our painters are trained to be able to repair stucco or drywall damage, apply stain or paint, and are well versed in every floor application you can think of. While most painting companies in Albuquerque or Santa Fe would prefer you didn't look into there online reputation we encourage our customers to look at ours. This is because we always ensure 100% customer satisfaction upon job completion and this standard shows in our impeccable reputation. I also encourage you to look at our vast collection of past interior and exterior painting work on our gallery page. What makes our crew of painters different isn't just our decades of experience but that our crew was born and raised in New Mexico and have a deep understanding of the styles and materials used in Albuquerque and Santa Fe paint jobs. In conclusion when looking for painters in the Santa Fe or Albuquerque area make sure you get the crew that will get the job done right and not just cheap, give Busby Finishes a call today for your free quote!

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