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Color Pairing, How To Choose Colors Depending On Your Remodel Goals

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Once you've decided you want a paint job to be part of your remodel project the next question you need to answer is what colors do I want to pick? Once pricing of your paint job has been established color choice is the next logical step in the process, and the answer to "how do I decide on a color" depends on the style you are going for. If you have a more modern taste in remodels such as stainless steel appliances sleek granite counter tops and wood flooring then neutral colors are what you want to go for. By neutral colors I am referring to light greys, and off whites. Colors that are generally easy on the eyes and don't tend to pop when you enter the room. The goal of a neutral color palette is to blend seamlessly with what ever background it finds itself next to. It is for this reason that the neutral color palette is often the choice of homeowners who are looking to sell. It allows potential buyers to view the home in a sort of blank slate format that encourages the projection of there own ideas into the home. If your taste leans more towards the traditional/country aspects of painting there are several choices for you as well. There are actually several color wheels that come with a historical section that fits best with traditional/country/ and even mid-century modern. In these historical sections of the color wheel you will often times find bold reds, mid to light browns, and even certain shades of green. Knowing where to put these colors in a traditional/country style home is actually fairly simple. For example if your kitchen has the light stain color and rustic heavy grained wooden floors a bold red accent wall would compliment your kitchens rustic appearance. Reds are very common in the country style home which is why in southern parts of the United States coming across red front doors becomes steadily more and more common the further south you travel. In addition light greens are very often found in country style bathrooms as well. While light browns are typically seen in living areas. It should also be noted that whatever style you prefer it is general consensus that darker colors make rooms appear smaller and lighter colors tend to open things up and make rooms seem larger. In addition if you are having walls, ceilings, and trim painted it is typical practice to have a lighter color on the trim and ceilings than you will have on the walls. This provides a highlighting effect that will allow your walls to stand out as they should be the focus of whichever room you enter. Another aspect that should be taken account of is if a room has a stand out aspect to it such as a kiva fireplace, mantle, or niche these are the perfect areas for an accent color to be applied as it allows these areas to pop more than they otherwise could have. For example a living room with a kiva fireplace would have far more aesthetic appeal with a silver variance finish on the fireplace and white walls surrounding it. With some of these ideas in mind I hope this will assist you in your home painting remodel project and allows you to get the best possible outcome that you are looking for.

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