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Professional House Painters In Corrales

Corrales is one of few towns in New Mexico that has maintained its classic, almost Texas like allure of construction/painting work. For example the vast majority of homes built will be made of wood as opposed to the traditional stucco, and if you have a home 100 years old or more it most likely has at least one room with traditional plaster walls. Busby Finishes takes these aspects into account and hires/trains our painters accordingly. Our crew of experienced painters has the knowledge to properly repair your wood work with epoxy wood filler to stop rotting in its tracks and last for several years to come. For your classic interior we can either repair cracks and holes in plaster or faux finish discoloration to match surrounding plaster. Having vast experience in historical restoration our painting crew can make your Corrales home look how it was when it was first built, or apply different paints and stains if you want to change things up. Getting house painting work done in Corrales is different than most other towns in New Mexico due to the more prominent wood work in the area when compared to other residential areas in New Mexico. Busby Finishes painters are well trained to properly repair wood work and apply paints or stains afterwards that can last up to 10-15 years without needing any further work done. Don't make the mistake of hiring a painting crew who lacks the knowledge to refinish your classic Corrales wood work or plaster Busby Finishes painters have decades of experience, a perfect rating, and have received several awards for our superior customer service. All this and we offer free estimates, color consultation, and the best material recommendations that the market has to offer each of which have decades long to life-time warranties so you always get the most bang for your buck with a Busby Finishes paint job!

Before/After pics of Painting work Busby Finishes has done in Corrales.

Exterior Staining Corrales
Exterior Staining Corrales
Light Faux in Corrales
Light Faux in Corrales

Painting Services Offered in Corrales

-Interior Painting 

-Exterior Painting

-Minor Stucco/Wood Repair

-Power Washing

-Faux Finishes

-Epoxy/Acid Stained Floors

-Several Floor Finishes

-Simplistic Murals

-Furniture Refinishing 

-Interior/Exterior Staining/Lacquer Finish

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