Furniture refinishing

"Don't spend thousands on new furniture, have your old pieces made into new one's"

    Making the decision to get an older piece of furniture redone can often be a difficult choice. I often times see people with beautiful wooden furniture that has been worn down, and has things like noticeable water marks, blemishes, and even cracks. Many people will often keep there furniture in these conditions, from fear of how much they may cost or that they won't be able to match the current stain they have if they like that color. Which is just plain ridiculous, many customers are often surprised at not only how inexpensive it is, but how easily thing like cracks, dents, water marks, and blemishes can be removed from your furniture with the right expertise. At Busby-Finishes we have just that, we have worked with furniture for years, and reason being because we love it! Furniture refinishing is a project where you can easily tell the level of skill and effort the person put into it. So why spend thousands on new furniture when you can just make your old pieces look like a new one's! And with a free estimate, and no obligation to buy why not call today to see if we can get you the best price!

Busby Finishes offers professional furniture refinishing with a variety of...

  • Stains

  • Varnish's

  • Paints

  • Glazes

  • Sealer (Lacquer, Polyurethane, etc.)

Before/After Pics of Furniture Refinishing Busby Finishes has done

We want you to be at ease when your furniture is being worked on and know that there will be no damage and will look exactly how you picture it in your head. This is why we may ask more questions than other companies but it will be worth while in the long run when you have your shiny new piece of furniture.


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