How to Complete Epoxy/Acid Stained Floors the Right Way

The Busby Finishes team has been doing epoxy and acid stained floors for the people of Santa Fe and Albuquerque for years, and as a result has developed our own method of completing these services to the best of our ability. Starting with our epoxy floor method we will first use stripper to remove any old paint from the concrete having work done (if there is any old paint). After this all concrete receiving epoxy will be ground down with a diamond grinder before being acid etched. This is done to create small pores in the concrete to better be able to bond with the epoxy coating. Then the acid will be neutralized, this is typically done with vinegar so the acid becomes inactive. The floor will then be thoroughly cleaned before repairing any cracks in concrete using concrete patch. Finally the epoxy is ready to apply, you apply two coats of the desired color and any chips you would like will be added at this point. Lastly one coat of a clear sealer will be applied, then just allow to cure for at least 24 hours preferably 72 and you're all done! If you are thinking of getting an epoxy floor done it is better to wait until the temperature can stay above 60 degrees while it can be done in cooler temperatures this can extend the cure time up to a week to 10 days which is not ideal if you use this area frequently. Next we'll discuss acid stain, this method of concrete applications is typically found in Santa Fe although it is still done in Albuquerque as well. Due to acid stain not being a solid coating like epoxy you can still see the concrete underneath the stain so you need to clean the floors much more extensively than what is done for epoxy floors. Preferably buff all floors with a rough sponge for the first cleaning followed by mopping and vacuuming with a shop vac, this should be done at least twice ideally three times. After this be sure to wear shoe covers on the concrete before applying the stain in a circular motion with a pressurized sprayer usually used for weed or insect killers. This is because this material is so corrosive it will ruin any standard rigs internal mechanisms. After the stain has been applied allow to absorb into the concrete for anywhere from 12-24 hours. Now you want to buff over, mop, and shop vac up water using a much smoother sponge on the buffer than earlier. Finally you want to neutralize the stain using water and vinegar with a mop and vacuuming up remaining water. Lastly you want to apply one coat of a sealer with the sheen you prefer the floor to have (we usually use wet-look sealer which has a satin appearance). Start the application from the back end of the house and work your way out of the front door, allow to dry over night and you're finished. It is not recommended to apply an acid stain to exterior concrete as it will weather very easily and need a re-application within 12 months. Epoxy is the only concrete application that is durable enough to be applied outside and last a significant enough amount of time to justify the money spent on a project like this. In conclusion Busby Finishes is very experienced in a vast array of floor finishes and are knowledgeable enough to complete any floor finish the right way whether in Albuquerque or Santa Fe. While not mentioned here our crew of painters can also apply stain and sealer to hardwood floors as well. Call today for a free estimate on your floor refinishing project!

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