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Drywall texture repair/Tape&bed

How Is Slick Wall Texture Done?

 At Busby Finishes we offer several types of dry wall repair, and texturing. Although the one with the most misinformation surrounding it seams to be slick wall, even though it's more commonly done in Santa Fe drywall than in Albuquerque it's still common enough in New Mexico to discuss how it should be done properly. This process covers how the texture should be done after tape&bed work has been completed please keep in mind. The beginning of the process requires someone to roll the mud on the wall and then a second person will come behind them to float out the mud, this will be done twice and after the second float any imperfections seen with the naked eye will be sanded out. After this is done you should take a light and shine it at each angle on a wall to find any further imperfections those found with the light will be floated again and sanded until smooth. This type of wall texture is much different from any other wall texture as it's so much easier to tell if any thing went wrong than with other textures which can easily be hidden. 

Pictured above are before and after picture's of a basement renovation. We first repaired all CMU block with mortar repair, block filler primed and painted. Although we also filled a large gap in the ceiling with sheet rock and trim before priming and painting it as well. Job's like these are always the most fun because you tell a significant difference from when we arrived to when we were complete.

Texture Finishes Offered

-Orange Peel

-Knock Down Finish

-Mud Swirl

-Skip Trowel Finish

-Stipple, Slap brush, Crows Foot, Etc. Brush Finish

-Venetian Finish



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Why bother hiring multiple companies to repair and paint your drywall damage when you can get it all done in one place? At Busby-Finishes we do it all, and for the best price. Whether you have new construction that needs tape/bed and textured, or just having repairs done we've got you covered. Our employees are experts at matching surrounding textures perfectly on repairs, so you wont even notice you had work done. While we are typically asked for our drywall repair services we can also help with any minor repairs on your plaster finish as well as do any faux finishing that may be needed also. We can do all of this and paint it afterward, Busby-Finishes prides itself in being experts in all fields of cosmetic construction work. Please call today for a free estimate.