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How to Properly do Interior Painting Work, by Busby Finishes

Interior painting is one of Busby Finishes' most commonly requested services that we offer to the people of Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Although common it is no less complex than any other aspect of the painting trade. To begin a painter should cover and protect all furniture (if there is any) with plastic, and floors with tape, paper, and drop cloths, hardware should be covered with tape. Once this is done any holes should be patched with either spackle or mud followed by correct texture and primer, wood should have holes repaired with putty or wood filler. Then dependent upon brand of paint and color it should be cut in two to three times. Next the majority of the walls should be rolled out using a sheep skin nap, at least twice if not three times. This is if only walls are being painted. Should ceilings and trim be painted, ceilings are always first so cut and roll these followed by cutting and rolling doors/trim. Walls should always be done last if everything is going painted. Then before painting anything be sure you have the best tools possible to get the job done right. We mentioned sheep skin naps, but you should also buy a top tier brush, I recommend the purdy clear cut pro for latex paint, and ox-hair purdy brush for oil based paint. This also goes for things you use in masking, for example be sure to use a 3m masking machine and scotch tape to ensure you have no problems with your masking coming up. If you have carpets you should use stucco tape as standard duct tape is too weak to hold the carpet for an extended period of time. Once you have everything painted be sure to check all areas thoroughly for any touch-up (there will always be something) before tearing up all paper and plastic. Are you looking for a professional painter in the Albuquerque or Santa Fe area? Busby Finishes has decades of experience, a 5-star rating, and offers free estimates for all our customers, call today for your appointment!

Faux Finish/Interior Painting
Faux Finish/Interior Painting
Faux Finish/Interior Painting
Faux Finish/Interior Painting
Mural/Interior Painting
Mural/Interior Painting

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