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Why choose us to do your decorative painting/faux finishing?

Our team actually specializes in special/faux finishes which is why we chose to name our company Busby Finishes and not just Busby painting as to set us apart from the traditional painting company. As you will find out when looking for a faux painter every painter you will come across will have a different approach on how to do a faux finish as a result each will have a vastly different finished product from one to the other. At Busby Finishes we pride ourselves on our ability to do faux finishes in several different ways as to achieve the vastly different finished products one can end up with. In Santa Fe in particular a fairly popular style of faux is one that will mimic the appearance of plaster (this is a much cheaper alternative to a plaster finish as well). Although as mentioned before there can be multitudes of finished products that can be achieved with faux's as well as nearly endless combinations of color's. It's for this reason that we will typically ask our customers to go online and find a picture of something similar to what they have in mind so we can have something to go off. In addition to there being multiple color palates there are also multitudes of applications from rags, plastic, or sponges to even hand application and each will yield different results. This is why we have earned ourselves an impeccable reputation in Santa Fe and Albuquerque special finish work in our ability to replicate and improve upon any faux finish that is presented to us by a customer. When looking to get a faux or special finish done in Albuquerque or Santa Fe don't get a normal painting company to do the job for you, you deserve the finish you have in mind and this is what Busby Finishes has set out to accomplish.

Before/After Pics Of Faux Finishes Busby Finishes Has Done.

      Working with Faux or special finishes (acid stain, epoxy, glaze, etc.) is our absolute favorite type of work to get, this is because we really get a chance to show off our skills. Reason being special finishes take special care and precision to complete. For example the faux finish you see took one coat of primer, two coats of paint, one coat of glazing, and two coats of sealer to complete. We also offer several types of glazing and color varieties too best suite your preferences. This and the amount of time required between coats is why getting this work done is typically more pricey than traditional painting.

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Recommended Faux Material

-Oil Based Glazing

-Okon Sealer

-Natural Sea Sponge/Rags (for application)


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