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Residential Interior Painting Around Santa Fe, NM





How to get your house painted the right way.

 To start out you will of course want to pick a base color for your wall's before you start to pick accent color's if you want any. There are several color charts that offer accent colors that complement different base colors, to get your home painted the best it can be these are essential tools to have. Once you have all the color's for your home picked out you'll want to assess the damage to your wall's and ceiling's throughout your home to bring them to the attention of any painter you have coming to do the work (if you decide to hire a professional that is). At this point you'll want to decide on a brand of paint that you want to use its very important to choose a high quality paint as this will determine longevity of the paint job as well as how many coats it will need which will factor into labor costs, I recommend Benjamin Moore Aura although Sherwin Williams Emerald works just as well.   After this you'll want to start getting a few painting quotes for your home painting project, there are a vast array of painters to choose from so I recommend to just start with a few that have good reviews and go from there. After you have your estimates in you'll want to overlook all of the prices, work descriptions, and variances from one quote to the other. For example if you have two quotes that are both within a few hundred dollars of each other and then you have one that is half the price of the others this should definitely raise some red flags, of course you want your job done for a good price but you also want the job done right, and this quote that is drastically lower than the others will tell you that this person will either try to cut corners on the job, or rush the project in order to turn a profit. In general these are good standards to go by for most house painting projects, it can vary if you need specialty painting done such as faux finishes, epoxy floor's, or a lacquer finish you'll want a painting company that specializes in these areas.

       Finding the right person to paint your home can be difficult, especially in Albuquerque with so many options. This is one of the reasons Busby-Finishes was founded to make this process as easy as possible. Our company takes special care and precision very seriously when working on another persons home, this is simply because it's your home! This is also why we are so critical and careful when moving or covering your furniture. With Busby-Finishes you can expect all your property to look exactly how we arrived, with the exception of your new paint job of course.

Painting Services Offered for Residential Properties

-Interior/Exterior Painting

-Interior/Exterior Staining

-Faux Finishes

-Drywall Repair/Re-texture

-Plaster Repair

-Epoxy Floor Coating's

-Acid Stain Floors

-Poly/Stain Floors

-Stucco Repair

-Cabinet Refinishing 


Areas We Service


-Santa Fe

-Rio Rancho

-White Rock 

-Los Alamos

-Within 20 Minutes of any above areas

Residential Painters In Santa Fe

When searching for a professional painting company in Santa Fe our goal is to make Busby Finishes your go to crew of painters. We strive to achieve this by making sure all of our employees have an extensive background working with the materials and styles of painting found only in Santa Fe. As with every city in New Mexico Santa Fe paint jobs have there own unique style of painting, plaster, faux, and construction in general of residential homes. In order to cater to these specific needs we have the expertise to match any faux finish you currently have on your walls or any picture of one that you would like to have applied. In addition we understand that there is a large quantity of exterior stained wood on Santa Fe homes so we offer staining services as well and only use the best product on the market which is Sikkens stain which has the most durability and depth of color. Our skilled group of painters are equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to get your paint job done right the first time. We understand that the majority of walls in Santa Fe are a texture-less slick wall so as a result we only use sheep skin naps to apply paint as this will give the best finish possible with the least amount of stipple leaving your wall still perfectly slick when the new paint job is finished. In addition we are founded on the goal of having the best reputation as a painting company possible, most Santa Fe painting company owners will send you a price put a crew on the job and only be seen again when the check is ready. With Busby Finishes one of the owners will always be checking in on the progress of the work being done to make sure it meets our standards of how a proper Santa Fe paint job should be done. It is our dedication to customer satisfaction and knowledge of the craft that has given our painting company an excellent reputation not just in Santa Fe but Albuquerque as well. So if you're looking to get a faux finish, plaster repaired, wood stained or even just a traditional Santa Fe paint job done we are the painters with the right experience and reputation to make sure you're paint job is done in a timely manner and with the Santa Fe style you're looking for!

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After cabinet painting (wet) entry way_e


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Residential Painters In Albuquerque

The Albuquerque painting market is saturated with a vast quantity of painting companies although increase in quantity often means decrease in quality and the Albuquerque painter market is no exception to this. What makes us different in the Abq painting market is our prioritization of quality and customer satisfaction above all other aspects of the job, and we have the reputation to prove it! Albuquerque paint jobs have there own individual needs when it comes to painting for example 90% of all the homes you will find are mostly stucco so we were sure to have members in our painting crew that can do stucco repairs. We also strictly use elastomeric paint when dealing with stucco homes, so as to have a longer lasting and more durable paint job. In addition to having the expertise required to paint an exterior properly we also offer epoxy floor services which is a popular choice in Albuquerque to not only improve look and property values but add an extra layer of protection to your concrete floors. Of course our team also has all the skills required to do an interior paint job on your Albuquerque home, for example we train our painters to have the ability to not only patch and repair your drywall but also match any of the multitudes of texture types found in Albuquerque. In conclusion when looking to get your home or business painted in Albuquerque I encourage you to take into account the quality of the painter and not just the quality of the price, there is a reason Busby Finishes is one of few painting companies in Albuquerque that has earned and maintained a perfect rating with the people of the city.


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-Painters with Decades of Experience in Residential Painting

-Vast Understanding of Unique needs for Albuquerque/Santa Fe paint jobs and surrounding areas

-Highly Rated for Services

-Customer Needs Always a First Priority 

-Vast Array of Painting Services

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