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The Benefits of Getting an Epoxy/Acid Stained Floor Done on Your Concrete.

Concrete floor maintenance can often times be tedious, expensive, and of course just out right irritating. The purpose of this article is to go over the vast benefits of getting a coating over concrete floors to decrease the amount of floor maintenance necessary while increasing the visual appeal of these floors as well. The first coating we will go over is the most common one being the epoxy floor. An epoxy floor coating in a garage can make any oil stains significantly easier to remove by providing a layer between the oil and the concrete, keeping the floor from absorbing the oil. In addition an epoxy floor can make dirt and other unwanted materials on your floor much easier to clean. An epoxy floor also retains heat much better in the winter than a bare concrete floor making that winter trip to the garage much easier on you. The last and most obvious benefit to getting an epoxy or metallic epoxy is the visual appearance of them compared to that of a plain and boring uncoated concrete floor. There are a plethora of options for the final appearance of an epoxy floor such as color choice, broadcast choice (grit), getting a metallic or standard epoxy, and the limitless choice combinations that can let you arrive at your personalized look of choice. The second floor coating that we offer is the acid stained floor, which is most commonly found in common living spaces of a home such as the living room or kitchen. The acid stain has the appearance of a faux finish but on a floor which several people like in contrast to the solid color appearance of an epoxy floor. In addition to being more easily cleanable due to the floors sealer the acid stain can hide stains/dirt much easier than any standard concrete floor, due to the sporadic colors of an acid stain. There are a few different variations of the concrete stain that can be used on the exterior of a home if you would like your front or back porch to be stained, although these need much more upkeep than an interior stain because you would need to re-apply the sealer every year or two. Lastly if you would prefer a simple wet look on your concrete floors you can just apply a clear sealer with the sheen of choice in order to provide more protection and a bit of a glow to your concrete floor. Regardless of if you want to get a floor finish for aesthetic or maintenance purposes a simple floor finish can add character, increase value, and reduce maintenance of the concrete floors in your home.

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