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How You Can Be PAID To Get A Paint Job Done (Real Estate Values)

This article is for those who are selling or flipping homes and want to figure out how to get the most money possible out of a property while spending as little as possible. A paint job is one of if not the cheapest way to increase the value of your home, this is for obvious reasons. The first being the cost of the labor and materials being far less than the materials used in a high end kitchen remodel for example. Even the best of materials will still cost you less than things like a new counter top, or appliance installation. This will also reduce a buyers leverage when they are haggling the price of the home. Since the current condition of the paint job on the home is the persons first impression of the property they see it is very important that it is in the best condition it can be in. For those unfamiliar with the actions of the typical home buyer a potential buyer will see an exterior or interior of the home for sale in desperate need of a paint job and call several companies out to give a free estimate for the work. They will take the most expensive quote show it to you the seller and say "painting company" gave me this price to get this home a paint job which it is clearly in need of and I would like this amount taken off the price of the home. Often times this will happen without the person ever going through with the painting project, it is just a simple tactic to lower the price you are trying to sell your home for. Getting a paint job on the home will drastically improve the interior and exterior appearance of the house you are trying to sell and therefor drastically raise the value, a new paint job can affect the price of a home so much that you will often times be able to get double the price you paid for the paint job back in home value. While a potential home buyer can go about getting a cheaper price on the home using several other aspects of a home the paint job is definitely the most common. The paint job is also the easiest home value factor for you to change as you can't do anything about some of the other factors included in a homes price for example you can't exactly do much about a homes location. In addition while things like older appliances definitely won't improve the value of your home a person won't have much of an argument if they said they don't like the kitchen sink you have and would like the price to install a new one taken off the bill. So if you would like the best and often times simplest remodel option to appraise the value of your home I would try to look around for painting estimates to improve the value of your home, and in the hot real estate market that is in Santa Fe and Rio Rancho areas you have to be competitive.

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