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How To Save Thousands on Stucco Maintenance

In New Mexico the vast majority of homes have at least in some portion of the exterior a stucco finish. This material is very versatile for the dry desert climate of New Mexico and has become an overall staple of the aesthetic look of the standard New Mexico neighborhood. However stucco maintenance can become extremely costly if the project is not approached correctly. The standard approach that the majority of Santa Fe and Albuquerque homeowners take is that they presume the entirety of the house must have a new stucco coating applied in the event of some failing patches in various areas. While in some cases this is true it depends upon the extent at which the stucco is failing. If the home has a few failing patches here and there and various hair line cracks appearing then this project can be approached using the elastomeric method. Elastomeric is a rubberized masonry paint that can be applied directly to a stucco color coat. In certain cases it becomes much more cost effective for the homeowner to approach there project from this angle. When taking industry standard pricing into account an elastomeric coating can reduce the price of your stucco project by half and in some cases even more than that. If you have failing/fading stucco in various areas of the exterior of your home it is best to repair these minor areas before priming and have an elastomeric coating applied. When done correctly it is not uncommon for an elastomeric coating to be maintenance free for up to 25 years! While there are multiple positives to an elastomeric coating it is not recommended for homes that need extensive stucco repair to the point that multiple walls must be redone. If this is the case with your home it would be best to get a new stucco coating applied as the stucco finish has deteriorated too far for the elastomeric method to be of any use. If you are looking to renovate the exterior look of your stucco home for half the price in some cases then Busby Finishes can have your stucco looking good as new without having to spend a fortune!

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