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 Busby-Finishes  Professional Painting Co.

We started our painting business with the goal of offering the best quality paint jobs in New Mexico, for the lowest prices possible. Our employees have decades of experience in every field of painting. And our online reputation reflects this, we are one of very few painting companies in New Mexico to maintain a perfect rating across all review mediums. Whether you're having interior painting done, need furniture refinished, or want a faux finish, we've got you covered. We even offer two year warranties on our painting work if recommended materials are used. Call today for your free quote.

"Offering professional quality for amateur prices" 

Painting Services We Offer

Busby Finishes painting and faux finishing is more than just the standard painting contractor for the Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and Albuquerque area. We offer several interior and exterior painting services that makes our company unique in the painting industry. To begin with the standard painting services offered are exterior stucco painting, exterior wood siding painting, exterior staining services, exterior metal painting, and exterior masonry painting. For interior painting services our professional painters offer standard interior painting and staining as well as drywall and plaster repairs. Some of the unique painting/staining services we offer are fine lacquer finishes as well as faux finishing. Our faux finishing service is highly sought after particularly in Santa Fe where diamond or other plaster finishes are often needed to be matched after repairs are completed. In addition to the services listed we are also one of few painting companies in the Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and Albuquerque areas that offer furniture refinishing services. Our furniture refinishing services include but are not limited to distressing, antiquing, glazing, painting, and staining. In addition, while it isn’t a unique service to our painting company, we also offer cabinet painting and refinishing. What makes our cabinet painting service unique is that we are the only painting company that offers a 5-year warranty on our cabinet refinishing or painting work, if all recommended top-shelf materials are used. We also offer several different floor finishes for your particular floor finish needs. We offer a few different variations of epoxy floor from the standard epoxy floor coating with or without epoxy chips to the more aesthetic metallic epoxy floor finish. Whatever your epoxy floor finish need we have the experienced and skilled painters to get the job done right for you. In addition, we also offer acid stain floor finishes and polyurethane/stained wood floor finishes. The acid stain floor finish is typically used for living spaces as a cheaper alternative to brand new floor installations. If you live in the Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or Rio Rancho metro areas and would like an experienced painting contractor to give you a free quote on your upcoming painting project give Busby Finishes a call!

Summary Of Our Services

Painting Services

-Interior/Exterior Painting

-Faux Finishes

-Interior/Exterior Staining

-Color Match

-Color Consulting

Floor Coating's

-Epoxy Floors

-Acid Stain Floors


-Metallic Epoxy

Furniture/Cabinet Refinishing


-Wood Repair


-Lacquer/Polyurethane Finish


Wall Texture/Repair

-Drywall/Plaster Repair

-Texture Match/Re-Texturing

-Sheet rocking/Tape&Bed

Busby-Finishes Painting Services

Unmatched Quality/ Attention to detail/ and Dedication to customer Satisfaction.

Our Painting Services In Depth

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EXTERIOR PAINTING- Every self respecting painter knows that a good prep job will make a good paint job, this is especially true when dealing with exteriors. Our team has been painting in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Rio Rancho for decades and as a result has the knowledge and experience to paint an exterior correctly. To begin we will start by pressure washing all of the exterior areas that are being painted. Once the areas are dry all floors, windows, and hardware will be carefully covered and protected. Then any peeling areas on wood work will be scraped and sanded before having primer applied. Caulking will be applied to any cracks in the trim and putty to any holes. If stucco is being painted then any damaged areas of stucco will be patched and have surrounding texture matched before having masonry primer applied. Dependent upon the scope of the project and its surrounding areas then the paint will either be brushed/rolled, or sprayed. If stucco is being painted then all applied paint will need to be back rolled to ensure maximum coverage.  

INTERIOR PAINTING-  Depending upon the current state of the home (i.e. occupied/furnished, or empty and ready to paint) there are different steps to be taken in each scenario. Should the house be fully furnished all furniture in rooms that need to be painted will have to be centralized covered in plastic and have floors covered with either paper or drop cloths. At this point any holes or patches needed in the walls will be repaired, dependent upon the size and cause of the damage it will either need to be filled with spackle or drywall mud before being primed. Any cracks in trim will need to have caulking applied and holes have putty applied. With furnished homes the houses are usually painted multiple different colors and much more care has to be taken in order to work around a homeowners belongings so it is better to paint the home by hand using rollers and brushes. Typically empty houses are going to be sold or have just recently been sold and are most commonly painted all one color walls, ceilings, trim, and doors. In this case the entire home will be sprayed as the only things that need to be covered are floors, appliances, and hardware. In the case of wood work being painted it will always need to be sanded prior to any painting work. With the current real estate boom being experienced in Rio Rancho, and el dorado at Santa Fe having a home sprayed in one color is becoming increasingly more common. Although in Albuquerque remodels are far more common than in either Santa Fe or Rio Rancho. Of course upon completion and this applies for all of our services an owner of the company will do a complete walkthrough of the site to ensure you are satisfied with all of the completed work.

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FAUX FINISHES- Faux finishes are extremely common in Santa Fe, often as a cheaper alternative to give the appearance of diamond finish plaster. This look is much easier to achieve and is much more cost effective with a faux, in addition a faux finish when done properly can often have much more definition and color than diamond finish plaster. Of course a faux finish does not have to have the appearance of plaster (this is a common misconception) especially in Santa Fe and Albuquerque paint jobs where there is a very artistic culture prevalent. With faux finishes the only limit to how a faux can look is how far your imagination can stretch. How we start the process is with a base color this is whichever paint or glazing color you want to be the majority of the finish, once dry you then add one to two other accent colors that can be applied with plastic, rags, or even your hands each of which will provide a different pattern of finish. Once all color has been applied a sealer is added to not only seal the finished product in but add a desired sheen to the product. While this technique of painting is done in Albuquerque it seems to be much more common in Santa Fe painting work, you can view some of our past faux finishes here on the gallery page if you would like. We always ask that our customers look for online photos to find a faux finish similar to what they are wanting so we have something to start the process off with, because every customer has different taste and their are so many different finishes that are possible it is best to find what you are looking for before any painting has begun.

EPOXY/STAIN/POLYURETHANE/AND ACID STAINED FLOORS-Another one of the services we offer to the people of Santa Fe and Albuquerque is our ability to make your concrete or wood floors look the absolute best they can. Epoxy is one of our more popular services for driveways and garage floors as well, not just because they make them look much better but offer an extra layer of protection that will keep your concrete floor's from needing any finish or repairs for years to come. Another option for people who prefer a less solid color when compared with epoxy coatings is an acid stain which can be compared with being a faux finish for concrete it also has less prep steps than epoxy although it has a vastly different application. These are painting techniques that are more popular with Santa Fe and Albuquerque home owners as opposed to business owners. Another of our floor application services is staining and re-staining hardwood floors, other more simple options include a polyurethane coating that will give your hardwood floors a permanent wet look (think mop and glow). For a more in depth look at how we approach a floor coating project please visit the epoxy floors page.

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 FURNITURE/CABINET REFINISHING- One of our defining services at Busby Finishes that sets us apart from other painting companies in Albuquerque or Santa Fe is our ability to refinish your furniture and cabinets as well. We offer painting and staining services for all your fine wood work with materials that will last for several years to come. We only use oil based paints and primers for woodwork when doing painting work, this ensures the longest lasting coating possible (for material recommendation please see cabinet painting page). We have a more in depth description of this service on the cabinet painting page, but here is a quick description of the steps to be taken with this kind of work. All work work needing to be painted will be de-glossed before being sanded, and dusted. Followed by two coats of oil based primer before being sanded a second time. Once it has been dusted then any cracks will be caulked and holes will have putty applied. Finally after wiping with a tack cloth then two coats of oil based paint will be applied in the desired color. For staining if you are going a darker stain then the woodwork will be sanded down before having a stain applied. Once dry a coat of sanding sealer will be applied before being sanded/dusted. Lastly a finish coat of lacquer will be applied to seal in the color. If you are wanting to go a lighter stain color then the process becomes more difficult requiring all current stain color being sanded away before any of the other coatings listed above can be applied.

DRYWALL/PLASTER REPAIR- Busby Finishes offers several different texture types for the vast amount of mud work done in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe. In addition to offering drywall repair and tape/bed work we also offer plaster repair work. While plaster repair is more common in Santa Fe there is still a significant demand for the work in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area as well. We even have the skills to apply a plaster coating to your drywall if your looking for a more versatile texture on your walls. Another obvious benefit of this service is our ability to make water damage on your plaster or drywall look like it never happened. Our ultimate goal in offering this work in our home services is to make your home renovations as simple as possible. Call today for a free quote to get our drywall specialists to seamlessly patch/repair and match any texture in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or Santa Fe drywall and plaster work.


What Makes Busby Finishes Unique from other Painting Companies?

Our team has decades of experience in every facet of the painting industry. From your average interior or exterior painting job, to faux finishes, furniture refinishing or even floor coatings we have the expertise to do it all. Not only are we extremely particular about any painting work that we allow to be completed but we care deeply about our reputation as an upstanding painting company for the people of the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area. It is our care and precision that we apply to every painting job that we take on that has catapulted us to being one of the most highly regarded and respected painting companies not just in Albuquerque or Santa Fe but all of northern New Mexico and this shows in our A+ rating with the BBB and 5 star rating on every review profile our company is on. Busby Finishes is a company of highly experienced painters has a great understanding of the materials and styles of painting used in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Additionally one of the companies owners will consecutively be checking in on the work being done in your home to make sure everything is going according to plan, as opposed to most other Abq or Santa Fe painting companies who will simply throw you a price leave employee's on the job and return when the check is ready. Additionally we offer a two year warranty on any work completed with recommended materials to show the confidence we have in our finished painting work. In conclusion when choosing a painting company for your next paint job take Busby Finishes into consideration, as one of few painting companies in Albuquerque or Santa Fe remaining who truly understands the work and care that should go into a proper paint job we can whole heartedly promise that your paint job will look exactly how you picture it in your head when the job is done.

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Our promise of superior work and customer service

    We try to distance ourselves from the lack luster work of other New Mexico painting companies, which is why we offer not just Interior and Exterior painting but furniture and special finishes. This is just one of many ways we strive to define ourselves in the painting industry. By having things like faux finishes and furniture refinishing all in one place we hope to make your home renovation as easy as possible. Of course we also offer many other services from simple drywall repair to the uncommon acid stain. Although our mission to be your go-to painting company doesn't end there, at Busby-Finishes we have the most superb customer service in the industry. We offer recommendations on the best material to use, and samples of work so you can know exactly how it will look when we are done! So don't have your home or business painted by someone who has the lack of commitment and experience to make your interior or exterior paint job look the way you picture it in your head! Please feel free to call 505-315-9594 or email and get your free estimate today.

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